Well our youngest has made it through the first year of college.  I don’t know where the time goes… It just goes.  She got her wisdom teeth out yesterday.  She only had two – so that is good.  No big deal for her yet…  It is still early.  She is going with her sister to see the other sister in California for a week before she starts working for the summer.  She is looking for a job – but she got the important stuff planned out 🙂

We have a family wedding this weekend – in a college town – we found dresses last weekend at the first shop we went into.  I hope my new glasses are in by then.  The ones I am wearing are driving me nuts and they leave red marks on my nose.  I am SO turning into my mother.

Over the long weekend we are going to paint the family room, kitchen and hallways (where the dogs go to get water) – and it is going to be a fun time…  We have that project and mulch – I don’t know which one I am looking forward to more.


We just got back from a ten day babysitting stint in Denver!  What a whirlwind of a time.  Two children, so it was a man to man defense.  We were able to go one on one, so that was helpful.  The two year old has a vocabulary of a ten year old.  We had multiple times where we laughed until we almost cried.  The looks that they have and the witty comebacks…   As exhausted as we were near the end of the week, we did rally and were able to keep them very busy!

So my dilemma now is when we rolled into bed and I went to go to work this morning…  I couldn’t find my glasses.  How do you loose glasses in your own house?   I wear them all the time… I have looked everywhere.  I can’t find them for nothing…  leaving for airport I couldn’t remember where my phone was…  I did find that.  Now I need the damn glasses!  I am starting to wonder about myself…



I have decided…  I want to be as excited as my dogs get  each morning before we go on a walk.  We go every day.  They know it is coming. Yet, they can hardly contain themselves.  To just relish those simple times…  The sound of the collars hitting the table.  The anticipation…  They go to the door and their bodies shake they are so excited!  I wanna be like that!


Well, our baby is 19 today.  Hard to believe…  We celebrated at her college a couple weekends ago and at dinner last night.  Ate too much! Shopped too much!  She is on spring break. She saw Beauty and the Beast today and said it was phenomenal.  We can’t wait to see it.

The following is my new mantra…

Cutting the Cord

Good golly life has been hectic.  By life, just work really – but that is most of my day and it has been all consuming.  But, I am slowing down – or trying to anyways.  Putting things into perspective.  Going back to me, and just letting things be.  Seems to be just because the political arena seems to be out of control, it doesn’t mean my work like has to follow.  I was becoming a me that I didn’t want to be and I just needed to stop.  We will see how that goes, I am on day 2 🙂

On another front, we cut the cable cord.  Yep we did!  Did lots of research.  We went with an over the air antenna and an over the air DVR.  Yes, it was a bit expensive, but for three months of cable it pays for itself.  My favorite feature is the “D” button that skips the commercials.  It did have a learning curve.  You need to say “new only” shows – or it brings in every season of the show – which is fine unless there are 15 seasons…  Even so, very easy to erase.  So it has only been a little over a month – but a good decision so far.  Mary doesn’t like the little beeping sound the remote makes, but I like it.  What I really liked was paying the bill last night.  Now I will say, when there is a storm there is a disruption in the signal.  I do remember the old days when you tried to wiggle the antenna to get better reception.  Now that it looks like a piece of paper – I don’t know how that would work…  Oh well, there is always some form of replay available.  I will just go login and look at the bill 🙂

Moving On

We are not even one month in and I am having a hard time being optimistic about our state of things.  We are definitely a nation divided and I fear it is only going to get worse.  Going to be a long four years.  I will continue to try to find an up side – cause that is me.

This show and Mary Tyler Moore was part of my childhood.  I always thought she was a trailblazer…


We are off to the gym here in a few minutes.  The house is empty again, it is us and the dogs.  We are blazing our own trails!  Going to ditch cable…  Tired of playing the game and paying the price.  Just have to find a decent internet provider without a package deal…

The cold weather is back.  Last weekend, I raked leaves in shorts and a long sleeved tshirt!  Enjoy!





Up, Up and Away

That was a song from the seventies I think… I don’t know, but that is the way my weight appears to be going.  If one more person says that muscle weighs more… I think I will deck em…  Just saying…  I know, I know…  Stress.  Over working…  Not working out…  It causes it to pile on… Oh yeah… Eating… Drinking…  That too….  Got it.  My four pounds is now up to 7.  And.  I had a donut this morning.  A glorious, glazed donut.  It was yummy.

So, my new skinny to me pants are getting tighter.  I have to get a handle on it.  I know I do.  I need to get done with work before 7pm.  I need to get my keester to the gym and do more than our 2 mile walks in the morning.  I get it.  I upped my weight workout at the gym the other day.  It was a bit intense.  I almost lifted myself up off the seat.  I think I need to dial it back a bit.  The daughter in the Army said she threw up twice while running during her last PT test.  It wasn’t that bad.  I don’t think I could continue to run after throwing up.

We will continue to get to the gym and vow to try some of those machines that you just walk past and ignore.  My goal is to try one new machine a week.  I tried some squatty elliptical machine last week.  This Saturday it will be something else.  Hopefully I won’t throw something out in the process!  Oh, yeah, and we are drinking more water.  Cheers!  7 more to go to get back to the start…