Kick it up

I need to kick it up a notch… or seven.  It is summer and we are busy, but my pants are getting tighter!  I make it fine through the day and at night – I gotta have chocolate.  I will go 12 miles on my bike and then think I can have some ice cream.  I just don’t know…  Our daughter that is in the Army – in school 6 hours a day – just called to say she passed her PT test, so she doesn’t have to do PT 5 days a week – just 3…  She got to do a “redo” – as her last run time was 6 seconds over the pass rate.  Well she finally got a roommate who is helping her pick up her turtle speed.  The girl can run forever – she just isn’t real speedy…  She called today to say she passed – shaved off 30 seconds in a week…  I think I want her roommate to come here and train me.  I’d probably pass out after a few minutes…  Gotta get moving!  Or maybe just the next size up in pants…

We did get to “rest” on Sunday.  Two of the girls were home with their “others” and our future son-in-law agreed to mow the grass after we laid all of the mulch.  He was a trooper and I will admit it was nice to not have to do it.  So, we always have this disagreement over how much mulch to get.  Granted this year was a bit later, so the plants were all up – but I was still right :).  We asked the neighbor – who is a young buck – if he wanted some free mulch – all he had to do was take it and spread it.  He literally was hem and hawing about it.  Dude – free…  Your beds need it… No brainer…  He ended up using some as Mary pretty much guilted him into it…  Still had mulch to spare…  So, some of the beds are very thick – but it is where the dogs lay, so it won’t be for long…  So, I guess we were both right LOL…

Yesterday, we volunteered at a golf outing – registering golfers.  We decided we like leisurely Monday…  Hopefully one day we will be able to retire.  But I am sure we will be bored over time.  I’d like to find out…   Well, the honey-do list is a couple chores lighter, but I think we just added a few more to the list…  It is quite a cycle!

Dumb Bunnies

Well I shouldn’t be so harsh on bunnies…  Asked for a truck load of mulch to be delivered on Thursday or Friday – so we could get the tarp down and avoid the rain we are having.  Yep, they delivered it today.  In the rain – flooding storms no less.  So, we now have a shit ton of wet mulch staining the driveway.  I really don’t get how people stay in business.  I should call them and have them come get it.  The driveway would still be stained…  Just made me grouchy 🙂

The Bathroom

We recently visited our son in Chicago for a long weekend.  We had a great time.  Lots of walking.  He lives in an old book binding building that has been rehabbed – it is so cool.  The top floor has a lot of the old machines that were used and photos of folks working many years ago.  I couldn’t do big city living, but he loves it – so that is good!

So, we were in this bar called Bub City.  We had to go to the bathroom before walking more.  We went down and saw this…

Totally freaked us out.  We thought we walked into the wrong bathroom…  Well we ran back out and looked at the door – it did indeed say “W”.  Then Mary said, “Oh screw it, I gotta go”.  She comes out to get me…

Yep, it is a mannequin – as I was taking pictures, someone else came in and said “Oh my!” and turned to leave.  I told her it was a fake…  They really should put that on hidden camera.  Got us good!

Supposedly there is a popular bar that is downstairs in an old office building.  You need a password to get in.  If you don’t know it, they make you do something.  Our son had to do the hokey pokey.  Little did he know, they do watch that down below and have a good laugh prior to you getting in…



Has been busy…  Things are slowing down now – yeah – if I type it – it will be!

We spent the weekend in Chicago visiting our son and  his girlfriend.  We had a lot of fun and did a lot of walking.  The two old birds did pretty well!

One of our daughters is losing her job due to education budget cuts.  The university decided to fund them through July, but after that, she will need to find something else.  Luckily, she finished her masters up in May.  Hopefully she will find something else.

We painted the downstairs.  That was a feat!  All the prep work and then using  your arms in a way that you haven’t normally sure talked back the day after!  The list of things to do around the house is unending!  The hot weather is here now for a while.

We got new gutters and curbs out front.  They were paving today – so hopefully that project is done now.  Those machines they use are fascinating.  Hopefully I will have more time to write more going forward!



Well our youngest has made it through the first year of college.  I don’t know where the time goes… It just goes.  She got her wisdom teeth out yesterday.  She only had two – so that is good.  No big deal for her yet…  It is still early.  She is going with her sister to see the other sister in California for a week before she starts working for the summer.  She is looking for a job – but she got the important stuff planned out 🙂

We have a family wedding this weekend – in a college town – we found dresses last weekend at the first shop we went into.  I hope my new glasses are in by then.  The ones I am wearing are driving me nuts and they leave red marks on my nose.  I am SO turning into my mother.

Over the long weekend we are going to paint the family room, kitchen and hallways (where the dogs go to get water) – and it is going to be a fun time…  We have that project and mulch – I don’t know which one I am looking forward to more.


We just got back from a ten day babysitting stint in Denver!  What a whirlwind of a time.  Two children, so it was a man to man defense.  We were able to go one on one, so that was helpful.  The two year old has a vocabulary of a ten year old.  We had multiple times where we laughed until we almost cried.  The looks that they have and the witty comebacks…   As exhausted as we were near the end of the week, we did rally and were able to keep them very busy!

So my dilemma now is when we rolled into bed and I went to go to work this morning…  I couldn’t find my glasses.  How do you loose glasses in your own house?   I wear them all the time… I have looked everywhere.  I can’t find them for nothing…  leaving for airport I couldn’t remember where my phone was…  I did find that.  Now I need the damn glasses!  I am starting to wonder about myself…