Happy New Year

It is that time of year.  Back at work.  The weather took forever to turn chilly and then it went to the extreme!  We are freezing when we walk the dogs in the morning!  We have cut our walk in half because exposure for any of us isn’t good.  Then of course I come inside and have a hot flash and sweat after taking a shower…  Oh well.

Resolutions for the year:

Physical:  Always stretch before exercising (I am so bad at that and getting even more unbendy that I already am)

Financial:  Get a dent in student loans

Personal:  Show kindness and let go of the small stuff

Happy new year!





It is that time of year again…  We got our tree the weekend of thanksgiving.  It stood proudly for a few weeks without anything on it… In my laziness, I was thinking it looked pretty good that way.  Last weekend, I brought all the stuff up from the crawl space and we got busy.  We even got the lights up outside in the 50 degree weather.  Not complaining, but with hot flashes every hour, it is a bit warm…  Still no ornaments – but it isn’t hitting the ceiling for once!

I think this is what is needed…  I love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree!


As we prepare for thanksgiving…  with all that is going on around us…  I am truly blessed and thankful…

For a loving and wonderful wife with whom I can share, the good, the bad, the stressful each and every day with.

For 5 children and their other halves, who bring us chaos, worry, and most of all joy.

For 2 of the cutest granddaughters who melt and fill our hearts beyond measure.

For 3 slobbering, annoying, hairy dogs, whom are all huge and all think they are lap dogs…

For a job that allows us to make ends meet, that gives me flexability to take care of myself and others – while challenging me daily.

I know things are not perfect, but somehow we can work our way through things.  With the help of technology, those that are far away will be closer this thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Makes me smile…

Just back from Denver.  We got to spend a few days there to celebrate Mary’s birthday.

There is just something about those little girls that melts your heart!  Even when they are a bit under the weather!

Snuggles are the best…


Zip it…

That is my new mantra.  Let’s just say work is very stressful.  I love my company, but my current leader is a bit lacking in the leader department…  I need to learn to just zip it.  Cause there are some people that are going to barrel through with their thoughts no matter what you say.  To make it worse, he always ends conversations with, what can I do to help?  If you take the bait, he will turn it back to you and leave the meeting content that he has solved the world’s problems.  So, I am instead “zipping it”, which is very hard to do for me!

So glad it is Friday…  Zip, zip, zip!

The Weather

The weather is still unseasonably warm.  The leaves are green and then brown – no real changing of colors.  And I will be raking leaves during Thanksgiving at this rate.  And… mowing the grass.  I finished mowing the grass in the dark last night.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the day light!  Hopefully I didn’t miss much…

That was the question they asked while scheduling my MRI.  I said, “We will find out.”

So, my right shoulder has been hurting me after I play tennis or mow the grass or use my arms a lot.  More specifically, the pain is in my bicep and forearm – sometimes in my shoulder.  So, we went Friday to get the MRI – I laid down was slid in and I panicked!  I said pull me out.

When I came out, I sat up and said can’t we go to the open one?  She said yes, we can schedule that, but the we need to do it anothe day and you will have to see the doctor another time.  We took off work, so I didn’t really want to do that…  I looked down the “tube” noticed it was open on the other end…  Decided to close my eyes and just suck it up.

I knew the total time was 30 minutes.  The first scan was 1 minute.  Good grief that seemed to take forever.  The second 4.5 minutes.  So, I have been using this app on my phone called headspace.  I decided to use the techniques…  Next one 4 minutes…

It was funny (well not then) but now – I kept saying, what if I just opened my eyes for a minute.  I knew I would have freaked out.  But why did I keep thinking it?  Funny how your mind plays games.  Glad it is over.  But I got a taste of what panic attacks are like for my daughter.

I have tendinopothy and a small tear in my tendon.  It won’t get better, but I can do strengthening exercises in physical therapy.  Oddly enough he said not using it would make it worse – shoulder freeze.  Just part of getting old…  He said surgery will fix it, but my strength will most likely not be as it is now.  So, we wait…

It is amazing what they can do with an MRI – but, the answer to that question is apparently “yes”.