I have no clue where the time goes, but it goes so quickly.  Work for both of us has been a stressful mess.  I have always feared losing my job due to cuts of some kind.  I am realizing that if it happens I will deal with it and then move on.  No need to stress about what you can’t control.  Easier said than done…

We have been planning for a wedding in September.  Our son and his girlfriend moved her from California to Chicago – driving the two cats in the car.  Our daughter has been to university in South Korea and has returned, we still facetime the Granddaughters many times during the week – but our appeal on the ipad comes and goes in spurts.  And, our baby turned 20 today.  Life marches on.

We have decided to begin preparing to sell our house in a couple of years.  The first part of that is starting to purge the unneeded stuff and things we have moved into the crawl space.  That is going to take some time.  While the daughter has moved all of  her stuff from the basement – we still have a lot of stuff down there.  We have started on the top floor and have totally redone two of the kid’s bedrooms.  They are now “grown up”, more subtle and pretty much purged of unneeded things.  We need to do the same throughout the house.  We then need to rennovate our bathroom and kitchen – replace the carpet and then get it ready to stage.  That makes me tired just writing it.

Life marches on…



left work early to drive to the college town for mom’s weekend.  We are having a beverage while waiting for the third mom.   Never gets old watching people when three of us show up for one kid…

We went wedding dress shopping last weekend.  I didn’t even tear up. I am saving it for the big day…  life is passing by so quickly!


Life continues to roll on.  Chaos and drama continue, along with weird weather ( freezing one day, warm the next)…  Luckily our chaos and drama are not life altering – but the overall picture – good grief!  It is hard to follow the news.  Which I don’t really well, but I know I should.  I am so happy it is Friday that is for sure.

This cuteness brightens my every day…

We did get to move into a new building for work.  My team has a nice space and the building has great ammenities.

And… this is my screensaver…  I can dream about being here with the love of my life…

The older I get, the faster time seems to go.  We are rounding the end of January and I don’t know how we got here.  We finally visited California.  Got to see what all the fuss was about.  The army gal picked us up in Oakland and we drove to see our son and girlfriend in Santa Rosa.  We got a tour of a winery from her roommate who is a wine master…  and, we got to see the Shultz museum.  In monterey we stayed on cannery row and drove through pebble beach.  We packed a lot into five days.

Time can just slow down a bit so it can be savored!  We are in shorts one day and parkas the next!   It all makes an interesting mix.


Happy New Year

It is that time of year.  Back at work.  The weather took forever to turn chilly and then it went to the extreme!  We are freezing when we walk the dogs in the morning!  We have cut our walk in half because exposure for any of us isn’t good.  Then of course I come inside and have a hot flash and sweat after taking a shower…  Oh well.

Resolutions for the year:

Physical:  Always stretch before exercising (I am so bad at that and getting even more unbendy that I already am)

Financial:  Get a dent in student loans

Personal:  Show kindness and let go of the small stuff

Happy new year!




It is that time of year again…  We got our tree the weekend of thanksgiving.  It stood proudly for a few weeks without anything on it… In my laziness, I was thinking it looked pretty good that way.  Last weekend, I brought all the stuff up from the crawl space and we got busy.  We even got the lights up outside in the 50 degree weather.  Not complaining, but with hot flashes every hour, it is a bit warm…  Still no ornaments – but it isn’t hitting the ceiling for once!

I think this is what is needed…  I love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree!


As we prepare for thanksgiving…  with all that is going on around us…  I am truly blessed and thankful…

For a loving and wonderful wife with whom I can share, the good, the bad, the stressful each and every day with.

For 5 children and their other halves, who bring us chaos, worry, and most of all joy.

For 2 of the cutest granddaughters who melt and fill our hearts beyond measure.

For 3 slobbering, annoying, hairy dogs, whom are all huge and all think they are lap dogs…

For a job that allows us to make ends meet, that gives me flexability to take care of myself and others – while challenging me daily.

I know things are not perfect, but somehow we can work our way through things.  With the help of technology, those that are far away will be closer this thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!